Nursing Team Supervisor at Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) – Holland

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Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is an international, private, non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization. Our organization offers assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters, to victims of armed conflict, without discrimination irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation. We have been working in Nigeria since February 1996. A Memorandum of Understanding between Medecins Sans Frontieres and the Federal Government of Nigeria facilitates this. We are at present co-operating with the Federal Ministry of Health, State and Local Government departments of health on various health projects.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Nursing Team Supervisor ITFC

Location: Talata Mafara, Zamfara
Employment Type: Contract
Contract Type: Definite (6 Months with the possibility of Renewal)


  • We are looking to fill the Nursing Team Supervisor ITFC position in our Zamfara Secondary Health Care Project.

Main Objective and Responsibility of the Position

  • Plan, organize, and evaluate the activities concerning his/her field of action (INPATIENT THERAPEUTIC CARE) and the team associated, according to MSF values, policies and protocols and universal health standards, in order to warrant the quality and continuity of the health care and the development of the plan of action.


  • Carry out the functions and tasks associated to his/her speciality, i.e. perform as a nurse whenever required or needed, in order to optimize the resources, contributing with his/her knowledge and experience.
  • Implement all the protocols and hygiene procedures, and supervise his/her team follow the same standards, in order to warrant the quality of the care and service in his/her speciality.
  • Organize and coordinate the activities of his/her team (week’s schedule, annual leave, absences, etc.), evaluate their performance, define and ensure the needs for training of staff, in order to ensure the coverage of the human resources needs and maintain high standards of quality.
  • Carry out and/or supervise the (decentralized) pharmacy and medical equipment management (drugs orders, follow up of the stock, storage conditions, inventories, drugs consumption, etc.) in his or her department, in order to satisfy the needs of material with efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Ensuring that all staff using medical devices are qualified and trained. Ensuring that cleaning and minor maintenance tasks are performed according to the protocols and listed items with any malfunctions are reported to the project biomedical service.
  • Carry out and/or coordinate administrative (exit paper, transfer paper, etc.), information and data collection (patient files, forms, statistics, etc.) tasks, and elaborate regular reporting, in order to have updated and reliable information about the day-to-day activity in the project, output/ outcome and support decision-taking.
  • Give feedback/ reports to medical focal point.

MSF Section/Context-Specific Accountabilities

  • Under the ITFC NAM Leadership, the ITFC Nursing Team supervisor is directly supervising and overseeing all the ITFC Nursing Activities, this includes Following up on ITFC patients admitted in isolation and general paediatrics HDU.
  • The NTS does not directly have financial responsibilities, all finance approval and HR needs (transport of Medical item to remote sites, Daily workers needs and their payment or any other payment process), all these are NAM/ITFC responsibilities.


  • Under NAM/ITFC leadership and in close cooperation, NTS is responsible for the day-to-day activities of ITFC department in Talata Mafara general paediatric wards of Talata Mafara general hospital.
  • Under leadership of the line manager and in close collaboration, the nursing team supervisor is responsible for the quality nursing care through mentorship, on Job supervision/trainings.
  • Prepares, provides and ensure all necessary stationaries and all related paper work are available in the inpatient departments (Registers, nursing notes, prescription, lab request forms)
  • Together with Watsan and IPC supervisor ensures IPC measures fully implemented in all departments (ITFC wards: Phase 1&2): Cleanliness, beds making, no mats on the floor during the day, dirty linen stored in designated buckets covered with the lid, hand washing points, hand sanitizers.
  • Together with the HP Team ensure health message delivered on the waiting areas and addressing Health issues in line with main morbidities in the Health Facility.
  • Ensures good patient flow to allow reducing waiting time and unnecessary steps, the NTS should, Under the NAM leadership organize the departments to maximize efficient use of resources.
  • The NTS is technically supporting the team on the ground while major administrative tasks (daily worker request and signature on payment sheet for all incentive staff) go to the NAM who is the main manager.

Nursing Care:

  • Implement all MSF protocols, guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that guide the day-to-day activities.
  • Supervise provision of quality care to the Patients (reception, admissions, patient care, safety and comfort, consultation, individual health education and drug provision) are timely administered, to avoid delays.
  • Ensure strict adherence and full implementation of applicable protocols on: monitoring of infusion,Medical (systematic treatment), Nutritional (following diets), Anthropometric (measuring weight/height etc.).
  • Support the shift-in charges to ensure preparedness through availability of all emergency stock, confirmed by updated checklists in all wards.
  • Ensure quality (aseptic technique) dressing following the wound care protocol.
  • Ensure complementary requests by the doctor, correctly applied in the desired period.
  • Put in place and maintain hygiene rules and universal precautions to staff involved inpatient care.
  • Ensure Medical staff under him/her know the PEP protocol (what to do in case of accidental exposure).
  • Ensure accurate documentation, reporting accurately done on patient’s folders, stock and all inventory registers.
  • Ensure the handing over report effectively carried out, with all duty staff informed of up-to-date changes on patient management.
  • Collaborate with MOH vaccinator, and ensure provision of vaccination for routine immunization to all children exiting ITFC department.
  • Ensure all staff are dressed in their prescribed uniforms while on duty.

Data Management and Reporting:

  • Implement all data collection paper work in collaboration with the Epi Department and the Nursing Activity Manager.
  • Checking that data collection forms are available and filled correctly (registers, forms, tally sheets, referral sheets and morbidity forms, etc.)
  • Compiling daily, weekly and monthly statistics for the ITFC activities and submit to epi department and ITFC/NAM-OR respectively, as at when expected.
  • Draft the Monthly Medical Report for the activities she/he is supervising and submit to the line manager.
  • Give feedback to the nursing team, regarding progress in line with project-desired indicators, and discuss other possible measures for improvement.

Pharmacy Management /Accountabilities

  • The NTS is overall responsible for the drugs and Medical items stored in the Inpatient department, therefor she/he should ensure there is enough stock to run the wards, ensure good consumption tracking and submission to the central pharmacy with due respect to timing and ordering procedures.
  • Leads and deeply involved in the weekly inventories, double check consumptions and justify discrepancies.
  • Adheres to the project supply system and reinforce its implementation; Prepare Medical orders for the activity according to stock and consumption, submit to the line manager for further process.
  • Analyse consumption pattern and link them with morbidities, gives feedback to the team and provide necessary information to the pharmacy supervisor in order to adjust quantity of medical item to the need.
  • Check emergency boxes in the wards and ensure items used timely replaced.
  • Ensure rational use of drugs and strict adherence to protocols.
  • Ensure daily consumption is recorded, prescription well filled, stored and taken to the Hospital pharmacy.
  • Checks medical prescriptions carried out (treatment administration, surveillance of medical parameters, etc.)
  • Supervises, in cooperation with the pharmacy supervisor , the management of the pharmacy, ensuring reception and storage of orders, preparing new orders when required, supervising expiration terms and consumption patterns, in order to ensure, a rationale use as well as pharmacy stock levels are permanently updated and above minimum safety point etc.

HR Management and Development:

  • As a direct supervisor of the nursing team , the NTS has the duty to Know job descriptions of all staff working in the Inpatient department (nurses, nutrition assist, cooks, etc.) and checking that each individual knows and understands his/her own job and work accordingly. The nursing team supervisor can identify the need of daily workers; follows on daily basis the work of incentivized staff and report to the NAM/ITFC the main responsible.
  • Leads staff under his/her supervision toward MSF objectives, promote medical ethics and patient safety.
  • In collaboration with Ward Matron draft Rosters timely of all personnel under his/her supervision and submitting to his/her line manager for perusal.
  • Identify training needs and organizes sessions within his/her team or within the general framework of personnel development.
  • In collaboration with the ward matron draft objectives of each staff member under her/his supervision.
  • Participates in the orientation of new personnel.
  • Organizes regular team meetings to encourage the exchange of information and maintain efficient communication within the team.
  • Keeps the team dynamic and promote good working atmosphere.
  • Reports to the line manager (NAM) any work related problem/ incident identified within the team.
  • Organize and conduct regular in-service/on the job training for the nursing staff and CHEWS.
  • NTS should attend to patient when the occasion arises as well as covering staff absence when decided by the line manager etc.


  • Checking that all information is passed on during transfers/referral to the ITFC/IPD or other health structures in -order to ensure the continuity of health care.
  • Participating in supervisors’ meetings to facilitate the exchange of information and “inter-phase” collaborations.
  • Ensure respectful relationship and collaboration with MOH, communication with the care givers/patients and all the team members.
  • Carry out other relevant/delegated duties as may be required, or assigned by his/her supervisoretc.

Requirements (Qualifications, Experience and Knowledge)
To apply for this role applicants MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Speciality: Nursing Degree or Diploma essential.


  • Essential: 2 years of previous experience having worked in MSF or other NGO and in developing countries is desirable.


  • Mission and local language essential.


  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)


  • Results and Quality Orientation, Teamwork and Cooperation, Behavioural Flexibility, Commitment to MSF Principles, Service and Orientation and Stress Management.

Application Closing Date
30th June, 2023 (5:00 PM).

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should:


Submit their CV, Cover Letter, Licenses and necessary Credentials onlyto: using “Nursing Team Supervisor ITFC” as the subject of the email.


  • Only applications submitted online will be accepted.
  • Only one online application form should be submitted as multiple submissions will notbe considered.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
  • No Transportation and/or Allowance will be provided during the recruitment process.
  • Any documents sent to MSF-OCA (CV, cover letter, copies of diploma, recommendations letters) will not be returned by MSF-OCA
  • Only candidates based in Talata Mafara would be considered