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Terre des hommes-Foundation (Tdh)


Tdh has been operating in Nigeria since 2017 and is carrying implementation of emergency programmes with focus on Northeast of Nigeria. Following the proacted crisis leading to frequent displacement of population, and increased needs for humanitarian aid support. Tdh has put in place an important emergency response plan to provide relief to the mentioned population and host communities, notably on health, Water Sanitation Facilities (WASH), Child Protection (CP) and Education in Emergency (EiE) and Access to Justice. Within such context of implementation, Tdh is seeking to recruit a MEAL Manager who can coordinate and unify Tdh’s projects monitoring and evaluation.

About Terre des hommes:

Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh) is the leading Swiss NGO focusing on child rights. It is active in more than 30 countries with development and emergency projects. Tdh focuses its action on the two following areas of intervention: health and protection of particularly vulnerable children. Modern management and communication tools ensure the quality of Tdh’s projects. The Foundation constantly aims to improve its services.

M&E in Tdh Nigeria:

Tdh interventions in NGA are supported by 1 M&E supervisor, 1 M&E officer and one CFRM Assistant currently positioned under the management of the Protection and WASH programme coordinators. TDH is seeking to strengthen its commitment towards quality and accountability through the development of a M&E department independent from the programme team.

Job Type: Full Time
Qualifications: BA/BSC MBA/MA/MSC
Contract duration: Dec 2023
Extension: Possible
Job Status: Nationals only.
Location: Maiduguri, Borno State.
Job Field: Statistics/ Data Science
Starting Date: ASAP

General job description:

  • Working within the framework established by the organisation, the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager develops the delegation’s M&E strategies and ensures the consistency and quality of its implementation and activities. He/she coordinates, mentors, and supervises M&E team members and takes responsibility for decisions and actions in the M&E field, operating in coordination with the project, programme, Grants team.
  • The Manager ensures that the delegation’s teams are given appropriate and effective methodological support consistent with the approaches, methods and tools used within the delegation in the M&E field.
  • He/she ensures that M&E applies to and is an integral part of all Tdh departments, and that the M&E department plays a support role for the rest of the organisation.
  • He/she ensures that a consistent approach to M&E is adopted in large-scale projects and/or integrated programmes.
  • He/she leads an institutional culture that encourages critical thinking, collective learning, and teamwork, as part of the organisation’s focus on quality and accountability.
  • He/she supervises the development of a dynamic approach to M&E inside and outside Tdh (as part of regional partnerships, networks, centres of expertise, working groups, etc.).

Main responsibilities:

Strategic management

  • Leads the development and implementation of the delegation’s strategic M&E orientations in coordination with the Country Director, programme coordinators and, if applicable, thematic reference persons. Helps develop and implement the M&E plans, including ME tools in compliance with Tdh M&E standards, to contribute to the mission and HQ reporting and ensure quality and accountability to beneficiaries and donors.
  • Ensure that appropriate and effective M&E systems are built and implemented for all projects and, where possible, brings together project and programme partners during the monitoring plan design phase and during the sharing and using of data.
  • Plans M&E activities and oversees their implementation; manages and supervises related resources. 
  • Be informed of new methodologies, innovations, and practises, especially in remote monitoring, notably through sector trends and developments.
  • Ensures the efficient and optimal management of the delegation’s information and data flows through an appropriate, coherent, and high-performance management system.
  • Ensures ethical principles related to M&E are respected, especially those concerning gender equality, fairness and “do no harm”. Protects confidential data, applies the principles of informed consent, and protects children during the collection, processing, analysis, and use of M&E data.


  • Under the supervision of the delegate and with the support of Tdh HQ Q&A team, participate in organizational set up restructuration by establishing a new M&E department, putting in place all the instruments/mechanisms needed for the functioning of this team.
  • Manages team members answering to him/her (M&E team members and, if applicable, IM team members), from the recruitment phase to the end of their employment. Adopts good management practices in keeping with Tdh’s values. Applies the delegation’s staff management policy. 
  • Ensures the optimal allocation and proper management of the delegation’s M&E resources (including financial, logistical, technical, and human resources). Monitors M&E budgets monthly.
  • Participating in SMT meeting organized by CD to share strategic ME concerns and address them
  • Ensures project and programme teams take part in monitoring projects and works towards optimal cooperation within the delegation in the M&E and IM fields.

Technical support

  • Ensures that organisational Q&A, including M&E directives, methodological guidelines and tools are understood and implemented at Tdh.
  • Monitors developments in the M&E field while building the delegation’s knowledge and capitalizing on lessons learned in this area.
  • Helps develop and write sections on M&E indicators, budgets, and organisational measures for project proposals.
  • Provides methodological support during the development of M&E systems and plans, and ensures a consistent approach is adopted across all projects and programmes in their design and implementation.
  • Follow-up and ensure the M&E plans are implemented.
  • Provides the direction to the ME and program teams for quality data cycle management
  • Provides support to the M&E and programme teams across a data management cycle, ensure the quality of data collected for programme indicators, Project follow-up tools and programme steering summaries.
  • Ensures monitoring tools are relevant and operate correctly. (If there is no Information Manager, also ensures the quality of data management tools and processes in terms of design, collection, storage, processing, analysis, presentation, and use.)
  • Ensure that M&E staff hold regular meetings with Project Leader and/or Programme Coordinator and Grants to inform of any unmet targets, contextual changes (risks and opportunities) and negative effects on beneficiaries.
  • Support M&E staff in providing advice   and methodological support during the recruitment of experts for M&E projects (by drafting terms of reference and recruiting and supporting consultants).
  • Creates data sharing protocols ensure data sharing flows within the delegation are in place and respected, and that the flows guarantee good data protection
  • Ensure that efficient gender and culturally sensitive complaint and feedback mechanisms are established and maintained

Use of M&E data

  • Helps ensure that M&E data is used optimally during operational and strategic decision-making at the delegation in accordance with head office and donor requirements, especially with respect to institutional reporting.
  • Ensures the M&E projects under his/her responsibility are visible and the subject of communications.


  • On-going mentoring of its team members (including communicating clear expectations, setting performance objectives, providing regular and timely performance feedback, and providing documented semi-annual performance reviews)
  • Takes measures to build the skills of teams and partners in the M&E field.
  • Collects information from M&E projects.
  • Participates in Tdh communities of practices (M&E, G&D)

Security and child safety

  • Understands and applies security policies, the Child Safeguarding Policy and fraud prevention policies.

Competencies: This position requires personal, social and leadership competencies (PSLC) and technical and methodological competencies (TMC), and managerial and strategic competencies (MSC)

In particular:

  1. Ability to work independently and make decisions, as well as to provide support and advice
  2. Ability to create a cooperative and collaborative environment
  3. Command of support and advice roles and competencies
  4. Excellent conceptual and strategic analysis skills
  5. Planning skills, Rigour, precision, transparency, and intellectual honesty
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills (in constructive negotiations) in all areas (internal and external), active listening skills
  7. Flexibility, availability, and adaptability
  8. Pro-active, results-oriented focus and problem-solving abilities
  9. Ability to learn from negative experiences, capitalizing on errors and seizing opportunities

Other professional skills required:

  1. Expertise in project cycle management, detailed knowledge of concepts, processes and tools, and experience in leading participative processes
  2. plus 
  3. Proven experience in managing multidisciplinary teams in the M&E and IM fields
  4. Expertise in developing, planning, and implementing systems, procedures and tools in the M&E and IM fields
  5. Knowledge of and experience with quantitative and qualitative methods in the humanitarian aid/development sector. Experience in collecting and analysing data and Information Management field
  6. Experience in preparing, planning, and monitoring consultations in the M&E field
  7. Awareness and knowledge of ethical issues related to M&E: do no harm and sensitivity to gender and diversity
  8. At least 5 years in M&E department management in an emergency setting
  9. Experience in Child Protection


  • Fluent in English, Hausa, or any other Nigerian Languages.

Gross Salary: 914,375

Method of Application (Please read instruction carefully)

Kindly Click Here to fill the application form. Then send your CV and Cover Letter as a single document to   



  • We reserve the right to close this vacancy early if a suitable candidate is found.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for the recruitment process.
  • Any successful candidate will be subject to a pre-employment background investigation.
  • There will be travel requirements and opportunities both within Nigeria.
  • Qualified Females are advised to apply.
  • Terre des hommes is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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