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Solidarites International

Job Description:

Job Title: OSS Grants & Partnerships

Desired date of taking office : 01/04/2023

Duration: CDI
Location : ANY COUNTRY _ Post Office


SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (SI) is an association of’ international humanitarian aid which, for more than 40 years, has been providing relief to populations affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters by responding to the vital needs of, drinking, eating, s’abriter. Particularly engaged in the fight against diseases related to unhealthy’, the leading cause of death in the world, SI implements through its interventions an expertise in the field of’access to drinking’water,’sanitation and the promotion of hygiene but also in that, essential, of, food security and means of’. Present in about twenty countries, SI – teams more than 2500 people in total composed of’expatriates, national staffs, permanent staff at headquarters, etc,some volunteers..- intervene with professionalism and commitment in respect of cultures.


Already have experience in the humanitarian field between Headquarters and Field ? Do you have a profile focused on compliance aspects and accountability to our external partners, donors and implementation partners ? Do you have a strong appetite for interdepartmental coordination and a RELational commitment to our external partners ?

Come and join the Grants Management & Implementation Partnerships (GIP) service of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL !

Environment of the post :

Integrated into the Accountability and Development of Partnerships ( RDP ), formerly Transparency and Institutional Development ( TDI ), whose primary mission is to ensure a high level of relational, transparency and accountability, vis-à-vis our external partners, in the implementation of our humanitarian activities, the Subsidy Management service & Implementation partnerships ( GIP ) is specifically responsible for the following aspects :

Management of the implementation partnership cycle with the various operational partners of SI
Management of the humanitarian project grant cycle with the various public donors of the organization

Under the hierarchical responsibility of the GIP service manager (at headquarters) and the country manager (during deployments),’OSS Grants & Partnerships will have a strong link with the other services of the RDP department that are: the External Audits Service (SAE), the Institutional Cooperation Service (ICS) and the private partnership service (PPU).

Main functions of the position :

Responsible for the development and follow-up of the funding and partnership strategy of the mission
Responsible, in close connection with the country director, for external representation and’ commitment to donors and implementing partners.
Responsible for the management of the grant cycle and the validation of contractual documents (project proposals, reports, endorsements, partnership agreements) before their submission to headquarters.

Responsible for managing the cycle of implementation partnerships and in particular the due diligence, contractualization and capitalization phases
Supervises according to the’organigramme of the mission, one in charge of reporting and communication and /or one in charge of implementation partnerships
Responsible for compliance with donor procedures and compliance with IS practices, as well as’au capacity building of teams with regard to accountability tools and IS and donor procedures

Issues of the position :

Ensure a rapid deployment and operationalization on the’ set of the missions of’intervention of SI
Strong ability to’ adapt to different deployment format/set-up : capacity building, gap coverage, specific support on the development of’a strategy /key project proposals.
Ability to draw analysis and propose recommendations.

Position of the position in the’organigramme (hierarchical and functional relationships) :

At Headquarters: under the hierarchical authority of the GIP Service Manager
In deployment: under the hierarchical authority of the Country Director

In deployment, the’OSS Grant & Partnerships is responsible for all the members of the Department Grants Management and Implementation Partnership (Grant Manager, Reporting & Communication Officer, Partnership Manager/officer..).


Higher Diploma in Political Science, International Relations, International Development or equivalent
Control of the operation and rules of institutional funders, procedures and platforms for submission of funds
Mastery of the management of the contract cycle, the project cycle and the implementation partnership cycle.
Strong reporting experience /project proposals with various funders and/or project management experience funded by institutional donors
Field humanitarian experiences required
Excellent writing skills (in french and english),’analysis and synthesis.
Admin/financial knowledge sufficient for understanding/reading financial reports/budgets
Good planning, anticipation and coordination capabilities to meet deadlines and respond to internal and external requests
Good ability to prioritize. ’adaptation capacity and resistance to stress.
Great sense of diplomacy and experience working in an intercultural environment.
Team SPIRIT’, ability to federate and coordinate the members of’a team without being the manager/hierarchical supervisor

One more :

Previous experience within Solidarities International, knowledge of IS tools
Experience at the Headquarters of’a Humanitarian Organization and /or similar position
Notions d’spanish


CDI Status Framework
Expat contract calculated on the basis of the expatriate salary grid. Gross salary from 2600 euros/month, excluding valuation of the’experience in NGOs
Per diem and hosting supported during deployments
Recovery of one day per weekend spent in the field. 25 days of paid leave. No RTT
Health insurance/care provision and repatriation (100% covered)


Do you recognize yourself in this description ?

If so, send us your CV and Motivation Letter in English via this website :

Applications containing only CVs will not be considered.

Solidarities International reserves the right to close a recruitment before the date of’ deadline of the’ad. Thank you for your understanding.

And to get to know Solidarity International better:

Solidarity International (SI) is committed to preventing and combating any type of’abus – any act of’ exploitation,’abus and/or sexual harassment (SEAH) against members of beneficiary communities or its collaborators, harm to persons and/or property, fraud, corruption, conflict of interest, not declared, etc, financing of’activities infringing human rights – which could be carried out as part of its interventions. SI applies zero tolerance to’ with respect to any type of’abus, particularly acts of SEAH.

Solidarity International is a fair employer that fights all forms of discrimination. SI will never ask for any compensation in order to participate in a recruitment process.

Solidarity International (SI) is determined to prevent and fight all type of abuse – all act of exploitation, abuse and/or sexual harassment (SEAH) against members of beneficial communities or collaborators, fraud, etc, corruption, violation of persons and/or property, funding of activities harmful to human rights – that could be perpetrated in the frame of its interventions. SI implements a zero-tolerance policy regarding acts of abuse, notably acts of SEAH.

Solidarity International is an equitable employer committed to find all forms of discrimination. SI will ever ask for any remuneration to take part in a recruitment process.

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