Health Service Delivery Consultancy At World Health Organization (WHO)




1.       Area of expertise:  Health Service Delivery 

2.       Purpose of consultancy:   To support the Ministry of Health to implementation of Essential Health Service Package across the life course (Person Cantered Life Stage Framework) 

3.       Background  

Sierra Leone embraced a transformative approach to healthcare by developing and launching the Sierra Leone Framework for Person-Centered Life Stage Approach to Health Service Delivery, in May 2023. This approach places emphasis on the holistic wellbeing of individuals across all stages of life, unlike the traditional disease-oriented approach, which addresses health issues in isolation. The service delivery model prioritizes individual’s health across all life phases encompassing preconception care, maternal and newborn health, child health and development, adolescence, adulthood, and geriatric care. The aim is to consolidate care provision, enabling the entirety of an individual’s health to be addressed comprehensively in a single, integrated setting.

The Sierra Leone life stages approach envisions health care delivered across all levels of care from health promotion, disease prevention, curative, rehabilitative and palliative services with a steadfast commitment to quality and equity. The implementation of the life course approach is expected to yield significant population level benefit, reflected in improved health indicators, enhanced quality of life, and increased life expectancy, ultimately fostering human capital development across the country.

Operationalization of the life course approach requires a fundamental restructuring and redesigning of primary and secondary healthcare facilities to align with the principles of life stage framework and ensure delivery of the Essential Health Service Packages across each life stage. Key strategies include improving service availability, reducing missed opportunities, strengthening integration, and addressing quality issues among others. Realization of the life stage framework interventions means attainment of Universal Health Coverage.


World Health Organization is committed to collaborating with the Ministry of Health to operationalize the person-centered life stage framework in Sierra Leone. As part of this initiative, WHO aims facilitate the establishment of a model demonstration site that will showcase best practices and serve as a sentinel and exemplar site for the person-centered life stage approach. This demonstration site will provide valuable insights and lessons learned will support the scale up of the person-centered life stage initiatives across the country. Moyamba district has been identified as a potential demonstration site.

4.       Deliverables

o             Conduct a comprehensive assessment of existing primary and secondary health care facilities in Moyamba district including community health initiatives to identify needs, gaps and opportunities for aligning with the person-centered life stage framework.

o             Identify and map organizational needs of the health facilities in Moyamba district including infrastructure, human resource, medical equipment and supplies, clinical services, management modalities etc. against Essential Health Service Packages and Life Course Approach

o             Develop Standard Operating Protocols, tools, and quality improvement initiatives for integrating person-centered care into routine clinical practices

o             Reorganize and remodel services and establish systems/structures to align with the person-centered life stage framework in the demonstration site/s

o             Equip health workers in the demonstration site/s with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver person- centered care.

o             Develop cost estimate for the implementation of life stage framework at hospital, PHU and community level


o             Assist the Ministry of Health to establish appropriate leadership, management, and coordination structures for delivering the EHSP across the life stage at national, district and community level (in the demonstration site/s).

·         Inception report

·         Assessment report of Moyamba Government Hospital and Community Health Centre, and Community Health Initiative

·         Mapping of available and required (priority) services against life course approach and essential health service package.

·         Comprehensive Action Plan (budget inclusive) for redesigning/restructuring the Moyamba Government Hospital, Community Health Centre, and Community Health work in the delivery of EHSP across the life course 

5.       Qualifications, experience, skills and languages

(Identify the educational qualifications and expertise needed for the terms of reference outlined above.)

Educational Qualifications:  

·         Essential: Advanced university degree (Master’s level) in Medicine or Public Health, Health Services Management or Health Systems Strengthening from a recognized University

·         Desirable: PhD in Health Service Delivery


Essential: At least 5 years of relevant professional experience in Health Service Delivery or Health Systems Strengthening

·         Demonstrated experience in health service reorganization, strategic planning, and quality improvement in low-resource settings

·         Expertise in person-centered life stage principles or innovative healthcare delivery models

·         Strong communication and facilitation skills

·         Excellent report writing skills

·         Able to work effectively in diverse environment

Languages and level required (Basic/Intermediate/Expert):

·         Essential: Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English

Expert knowledge of …………….

Intermediate knowledge of ……………

Desirable: (if applicable)

Expert knowledge of …………….

Intermediate knowledge of ……………

6.       Location 

On site:

(Western Area and Moyamba Districts, Sierra Leone) 

7.       Travel

(Please specify any expected travel(s): dates, location and purpose.)

The consultant is expected to travel.   

8.       Remuneration and budget (travel costs are excluded):

a.       Remuneration: P4 USD 9,000

b.       Living expenses (A living expense is payable to on-site consultants who are internationally recruited): currency and rate. USD