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Pact is an international nonprofit that works in nearly 40 countries building solutions for human development that are evidence-based, data-driven and owned by the communities we serve. Founded in 1971, Pact works with partners to build resilience, improve accountability, and strengthen knowledge and skills for sustainable social impact.


General Job Description – This portfolio is listed under Integrated Program Advancement (IPA) and Program Delivery. IPA is a multi-disciplinary unit based at Pact’s headquarters that leverages the organization’s global expertise to catalyze innovation and technical excellence throughout and across Pact’s programs, proposals, and thought leadership. IPA serves as Pact’s repository of technical expertise in the areas of capacity development, data analytics, governance, health, livelihoods and economic opportunities, natural resource management, results and measurement, technology, and technical writing and editing. In addition, Program Delivery provides cross-cutting program management, operations support, project design, and knowledge sharing and learning. In collaboration with other management units, we work together to resolve all aspects of a project including client relations, project reporting, budgeting, supporting financial management and reporting, project start-ups and close-outs, etc. We connect global departments, country offices, and subsidiaries, enabling Pact to achieve its Global Strategy.

Position Overview

Pact is looking for candidates that are interested in Governance and being involved in our work.

Inclusive, transparent, and accountable governance is essential to people’s ability to own their future. Pact fosters such governance systems by empowering citizens and communities to speak their truth to power and by enabling government institutions to respond to citizens’ needs, deliver quality services and effectively manage public resources.

Pact helps people who may lack resources, information, or influence to exercise their voice through education, networking, coalition-building, and advocacy. Our tools and strategies connect people with public servants, enable them to track their activity and efficiency, and give communities a say in policymaking and priorities.

Pact’s emphasis on partnership cultivates grassroots support for reform by encouraging cooperation among governments, communities, civil society, and business.

This is a general job requisition and description of governance-related positions offered at Pact. We are looking to gather resumes from qualified candidates with a governance background that are interested in working at Pact. All positions are contingent upon award.


Key Responsibilities

Countries Pact currently works in focusing on Governance:

East & West AfricaSouthern and Francophone AfricaAsia & EurasiaLatin America
NigeriaTanzaniaEthiopiaKenyaLiberiaUganda MalawiSouth AfricaEswatiniLesothoZambiaMozambiqueDRCRwandaBurundiMadagascarZimbabweMyanmarNepalIndonesiaUkraineBelarusCambodiaThailandColombia

Pact currently has two Global Projects, ACHIEVE and Linkages, based in various countries above.

Donors Pact works with on current projects: USAID, DFID, DOL, PEPFAR, etc.)

Basic Key Responsibilities:

**Please note that key responsibilities may vary depending on position level**

  • Maintaining relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Participating in project site visits.
  • Project planning and reporting.
  • Provide regular written/oral program progress updates as requested.
  • Provide guidance on appropriate technical and programmatic approaches.
  • Ensure compliance with Pact policies and procedures, donors, USG and local laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Manage implementation (if required) of project objectives and assure high quality deliverables.

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Basic Requirements

  • A Governance professional typically has a background in Democracy, Rights & Governance, international relations, international development, foreign service, etc.
  • Experience in governance-related field (civil society strengthening, civic engagement, decentralization/local governance, social accountability, peacebuilding and conflict, etc.).
  • Experience and knowledge with issues affecting marginalized and underrepresented groups.

Qualifications based on years of experience for International Staff (e.g. Expatriate and Third Country National candidates):

  • Officer:
    • Typically has a Bachelor’s degree and 7-9 years of experience; Master’s with 5-7 years of experience; PhD with 3-5 years of experience, or equivalent relevant work experience
  • Advisor:
    • Typically has a Bachelor’s degree and 11- 13 years of experience; Masters with 9-11 years of experience; PhD with 7-9 years of experience, or equivalent relevant work experience (Advisor typically do not supervise staff).
  • Deputy Chief of Party:
    • Typically has a Bachelor’s degree and 11 or more years of experience including 5 years of supervisory experience, or equivalent relevant work experience; Master’s degree with 9 or more years of experience; PhD with 7 or more years of experience
  • Chief of Party/ Technical Director/Director:
    • Typically has a Bachelor’s degree and 13 or more years of experience, including 8 years of management experience, or equivalent relevant work experience; Master’s degree with 11 or more years of experience; PhD with 9 or more years of experience

**Please note that general qualifications based on years of experience for Local Candidates may vary by country office and/or donor guidelines**

What to include in your CV:

  • What countries you have worked in? International experience working in countries and/or regions we currently have projects in is a plus.
  • What level of position you are looking for (Officer, Advisor, Chief of Party, Deputy Chief of Part, Director, etc.)?
  • Languages spoken – proficiency in languages from countries and/or regions we work in is a plus.
  • Donors you have worked with or currently work with.