Deputy Head of Delegation (DHoD) at Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh)

Terre des hommes-Foundation (Tdh)

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss child relief agency. The Foundation has been helping children in need for over 50 years, defending their rights regardless of their race, creed or political affiliation. In over 30 countries, Tdh protects children against exploitation and violence, improves children’s and their mother’s health and provides emergency psychological and material support in humanitarian crises.

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Qualification: MBA/MSc/MA
  • Experience: 8 – 10 years
  • Location: Borno
  • Job Field: NGO/Non-Profit  , Project Management 

Overarching Responsibilities

Under the Head of the Delegation’s supervision, the Deputy Head of the Delegation ensures the supervision of operations at the national level. He/She sees to the proper implementation of operations in compliance with the Strategic Planning (SP) of the delegation’s operations in adherence to the general reference framework and the program approach.

He/She ensures the implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems in the projects and monitors the progress of activities according to pre-established indicators. He/She notifies the Head of Delegation if there is a need to implement corrective measures. He/She supervises the program teams. He/She feels accountable to the beneficiaries, collaborators, and donors.

He/ She ensures that teams and partners have been instructed in the security policies and the general code of conduct and conform to them at all times.

Through delegation from the Head of Delegation, He/She contributes to managing and assuming ultimate responsibility for all the mission’s risks and aspects of access.

Specific Responsibilities

More specifically He/She has the following responsibilities:

Steering activities:

  • Ensures project implementation and activities follow-up according to the program approach and the strategic issues connected to their context(s) (targets, follow-up of scheduled activities, budgetary activity reports follow-up
  • Informs the Head of Delegation and colleagues involved, if necessary (PROG& EXP, RDF, etc.) of the timelines for execution and propose adjustments where necessary depending on the available means and in coordination with the teams involved
  • Puts in place a regular system of information and data reporting (e.g. beneficiary counts, indicators, steering, etc.) as well as formal coordination at the field level (coordination meetings, reports, etc.)
  • In coordination with the Support Services Coordinator and the entire support department, ensure that the needs of programs and expertise in terms of financial, logistics, and HR means are covered in a professional way within the framework of current and well-measured projects for the implementation of new operations
  • Ensures that the strategic plan, including the program approach, are properly implemented to attain the results as defined in the operational framework and projections planned for by the Foundation
  • Ensures that the implementation of activities is in harmony with the quality and accountability protocols
  • Participates in the design of assessment methods intended to collect qualitative and quantitative data in terms of program indicators (needs assessment, statistical data, impact studies, etc.)
  • In connection with the delegation technical adviser(s), ensures the compliance of technical practices with the Tdh’s remit and the major strategic lines
  • Makes regular visits to programs and activities in the field and informs the Head of Delegation and the other colleagues involved of possible problems, challenges or identified obstacles

Operational strategy

  • Follows the evolution of the humanitarian and political context of the delegation and shares this information with the Head of the Delegation and his/her collaborators; actively contributes to drafting the context analysis
  • Takes the lead in developing concept notes and proposals
  • Actively participates in identifying the needs and proposes adapted responses as part of the implementation of the country strategy in concert with the program coordination team
  • In concert with the Project Manager(s), experts, and other project staff, in collaboration with the support services department and under the supervision of the Head of Delegation, define the country strategy and interventional plan for the delegation and recommend realistic adjustments if necessary (including in terms of resources where necessary)
  • Ensures that the country strategy is in harmony with the Foundation’s values and remit

Human Resources

  • Supervises and oversees a diversified team, guaranteeing cohesion and good coordination between them for the successful execution of programs
  • Supports the Head of Delegation in the design and implementation of an organizational structure, participates in defining the roles and responsibilities needed for the proper execution of activities
  • Maybe led to participate in the recruitment of their collaborators
  • Ensures a constant effort of strengthening national and international teams’ capacity according to the needs identified and proposes internal and external training activities
  • Drafts field job descriptions, participates and leads coordination meetings, resolves any conflicts when required, defines activity priorities and scheduling


  • Ensures good information reporting from the field to the coordination office
  • Supports the Head of Delegation by taking part in coordination meetings and in this regard, represents Tdh locally with donors, the authorities, partners, etc.
  • Ensures Tdh sectorial representation in various forums
  • Maybe led to act as a Tdh spokesperson with the media upon a request by the Head of Delegation

Partnership Management

  • Facilitates structured partnership discussions and acts as the lead partnership focal point for the delegation.
  • Participates in due diligence for pre-identified potential partnerships/consortium members 


  • Consolidates the monthly drafting of sitreps about monitoring current activities in the delegation and submits them for endorsement to the Head of Delegation
  • Contributes to the drafting of intermediary and final reports intended for donors
  • Contributes to the drafting of any other document if necessary and upon request



  • In adhering to the GAP, participates in fund-raising and negotiations with donors to ensure adequate funding for current and future programs
  • Ensures program budget follow-up together with the heads of the departments involved


  • Efficiently directs their collaborators by appropriately delegating with a view to attaining results and developing skills
  • Watches over good management practices in line with Tdh values

Skills and Competences

  • This function requires possession of fundamental personal, social, and leadership skills, technical and methodological skills, and managerial and strategic skills, in particular the following:
  • Ethical and exemplary leadership (secure base), managerial excellence; inspires and motivates collaborators
  • Develops and endorse the strategic plan, guidelines, and governance tools
  • Defines policies, establishes budgets, and sets the quality standards
  • Analyzes program and context in a connected way
  • Capacity to plan and organize in a stressful environment
  • Significant experience in designing and managing projects and implementing multi-sectorial operations
  • Knowledge of humanitarian, practical, and standard principles (Sphere)
  • Experience in representation (donors, authorities, partners)
  • Experience in supervising multicultural teams
  • Similar experience in emergency contexts
  • Strong organizational capacities, a capacity to operate autonomously, proactively and the strength of initiative, meets deadlines
  • An analytical mind
  • A results-driven mindset
  • Good resistance to stress and an ability to work under pressure
  • An excellent ability and ease in expressing themselves in public (conferences, workshops) and adapting themselves to their audience (governments and local authorities)

Required Conditions:


  • Master’s Degree in relevant social science


  • A minimum of eight years of senior management and development experience in an NGO environment, including experience directing and implementing programs for children
  • Robust experience in program cycle management including in emergencies
  • Substantial experience and knowledge of effective financial and budgetary control and managing grants from major institutional donors
  • Experience in more than one of Tdh’s thematic sectors: child protection, health, and nutrition, emergencies
  • Experience managing teams for resource mobilization and submitting proposals including large proposals in a wide range of thematic areas
  • Experience working with high-level government agencies and academics on issues related to children
  • Proven experience in new business development, project design, and donor proposal design with corporate, foundations, and institutional donors
  • Proven experience in developing and managing monitoring, evaluation, and learning systems


  • English. French would be an asset.
  • IT know-how Mastery of the usual Microsoft tools     

General Code of Conduct and Tdh’s Risk Management Policies

  • Commits to complying with the General Code of Conduct and systematically reports any breach of the Code through the Tdh warning procedure raising awareness within the Foundation on violence and abuse and the rights that derive from them regarding children, community members, and our own employees.
  • Commits to complying with the Risk Management Policies, including Safeguard policies (the policy of Safeguarding Children, the Policy of Protecting against Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, the Guideline on Abusive Behavior at Work), the Safety/Security Policy, and Anti-Fraud/Corruption Policies and the Prevention of Funding Criminal Activities.
  • Commits to reducing the risk of abuse by developing an open and informed culture of management within the organization and in our work with children and the communities where we work.


  • We promote and enhance participation and empowerment.
  • We create the space for active participation and embrace inputs from others.
  • We are sensitive to others’ needs to influence.
  • We share and delegate power and responsibilities.


  • We trust the capacities of our key actors as primary responders and agents of change. We build on their strengths and on their needs.
  • We champion co-creation and value complementarity.
  • We appreciate other points of view and seek collectively pragmatic and innovative solutions.
  • We manifest humility, respect, and fairness and see others as equal partners.


  • We promote a culture of innovation.
  • We value curiosity, welcome new initiatives, and foster creativity.
  • We embrace voluntary learning and are ready for trial and error.
  • We foster knowledge-sharing, and learning and strive for sustainability.


  • We celebrate the Diversity and Inclusion of people.
  • We genuinely commit to diversity and inclusion and see it as wealth in all our activities.
  • We understand the cultural contexts and value differences.
  • We are truly committed to equal treatment.


  • We thrive to offer our best, we think ahead and are ready and willing to go the extra mile for the well-being of children.
  • We provide quality programming and support. We are accountable and transparent. We use power responsibly.
  • We position ourselves through our expertise and savoir-faire.
  • We advocate for the rights of children whenever possible and seek actively opportunities to do so.

Net Salary: N793,310.00

Method of Application