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Head of Humanitarian and Disaster Risk Reduction at CARE International

Job Summary:

CARE Nigeria Nigeria has been implementing Humanitarian program in the north east of the country since 2017. Although the strategic focus of the program has shifted to encompass long term development program, it is our commitment to strengthen the humanitarian program beyond the two states in North east of the country. The Humanitarian Response Manager will support our consolidation in the north east of Nigeria and ensure the extension of our humanitarian response to other parts of the country, depending on the changing realities. The Humanitarian Response Manager is a member of the Country Leadership and Senior Management Teams. S/he supports the Director of Program:

  1. ensuring quality of humanitarian and DRR interventions,
  2. effective and efficient program design, development and fund-raising,
  3. improving the CO Emergency Preparedness and response capacity,
  4. managing consortia initiatives as well as strengthening internal and external coordination and cooperation that maximizes sustainable impact of CARE’s humanitarian work in Nigeria.
  5. S/he will ensure that CARE’s programing and humanitarian principles, codes, and policies are well respected at all times across his areas of responsibilities.

The Humanitarian Response Manager contributes significantly to the Country Office’s commitment to linking short-term humanitarian actions to longer term development programs through effective sectoral strategies i.e. Food and Livelihood Security, Nutrition, WASH, Protection, Gender in Emergencies and quality resilience interventions that focus on gender transformation , accountability and collaborative partnerships with local and international institutions. The HRM will manage a team of sectoral specialists who will support quality humanitarian response and build the CO capacity in Emergency Preparedness and Planning (EPP). The HRM will ensure that the CO program interventions are in line with overall CARE’s Program strategies, approaches and principles. S/he will also ensure that systems and technical staff are in place to ensure provision of adequate technical support to the CO humanitarian programs. S/he also supports the identification and mobilization of resources, maintains donor relations and leads the design and development of new humanitarian programs. In addition, h/she will contribute to the CO strategic planning, expansion of new partnerships and geographical areas, advancing monitoring and assessments tools, and representing CARE in internal and external engagements as required. S/he works closely with, and is supported by the program implementation teams, Partnership and Grants, Resource Mobilisation, Finance, Operations and M&E units as well as with INGOs partners in consortia and respectived CARE International members.

The HRM will have excellent understanding of humanitarian standards and principles and extensive experience in complex and conflict emergency settings. The HRM will have demonstrated experience in developing and managing multi-sectoral humanitarian programs with multiple donors, including proven experience in establishing inter-agency collaboration mechanisms and managing a multi-disciplinary teams and large complex budgets.


Career category: Program/Project Management

Years of experience: 0-2 years

Themes: Coordination Safety and Security



  • Support the Director of Program in the overall CO assessments, program design, development, planning and fundraising strategies and initiatives.
  • Specifically, support the development and updating of a fundraising strategy that increases ability of the CO to attract funding from diversified sectors/sources.
  • In consultation with the Director of Program, the Senior Business development Manager and the program implementation teams, support coordination of the CO fundraising initiatives, respond to calls and requests for proposals and design new humanitarian interventions in line with the CO and CI strategies and guidelines.
  • Strengthens overall CO skills, capacity and processes to ensure a high quality level of proposal development, report writing and adherence to all technical standards and principles at the program and development design stage.
  • Build in appropriate mechanisms and systems during program design to strengthen the overall efficiency and effectiveness of CARE Nigeria to deliver programs with sustainable impact.
  • Support inception and orientation workshops for new projects/activities and provide clear guidelines on essential implementation standards and requirements.


  • Under the guidance of the Director of Program and in collaboration with other program units, lead the development and implementation of CARE’s Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) and Emergency Response Strategies (ERS) based on CI international standards.
  • Monitor and update the CO EPP and ERS based on the development of the situation in country i.e. continue to revisit the EPP scenarios and the ERS targets and update based on the situation development.
  • Continue to monitor and report on the implementation of the CO EPP and ERS and advise the ACD-P and CLT on any significant implementation issues or variations from targets.
  • Under the guidance of the Director Program and in collaboration with other program units, develop approaches/actions that enable the CO to integrate its humanitarian actions into the longer term programs.
  • Develop and implement a capacity building plan aimed at regular training and supporting of CARE staff and look for opportunities to maximize partners involvement as well. The training should focus on understanding of quality and accountability standards, humanitarian principles, sectoral standards and guidelines, program design and implementation approaches, EPP, ERS, gender transformation and any other capacity building areas required
  • Facilitate learning sessions in coordination with M&E and program teams to contribute to improving program design and development and supports learning and information sharing.
  • Maintain effective representation on the Emergency Response Team (ERT).


  • In collaboration with the Director Program and program implementation teams, explore effective engagement mechanisms to increase out reach and impact sustainability of CARE’s humanitarian programs i.e. build on and expand the current consortia mechanisms, with focus on complementarity of sectoral interventions and organizational competencies and skills.
  • Support maintaining effective relationships with key CMPs, CEG, RMU, donors, I/NGOs, and technical sectoral teams in CARE.
  • Support the M&E unit, Communication and program implementation teams in CARE visibility by strengthening internal and external awareness and understanding of CARE’s achievements, as well as in maintaining strategic relationships
  • Represent CARE Nigeria in key humanitarian stakeholder engagement, including the UN Cluster systems, INGOs consortia, donors meeting, etc
  • In collaboration with the Director Programme, Partnerships and Grants unit as well as program implementation teams, support building of strategic partnerships to advance and increase programs impact and sustainability.
  • As a senior member of staff, participate in the CLT, Senior Management and other essential CO and groups/taskforces meetings as appropriate.


  • In collaboration with the M&E unit and program implementation teams, support establishment of a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework for CARE’s emergency preparedness and response in Nigeria, including oversight of key targets and technical capacities.
  • Lead the sectoral team in review of the program and strategies implementation along with the Sr. Manager-Implementation against their logical framework and targets, and pro-actively initiate solutions to meet program deliverables based on their respective activity plans.
  • In collaboration with the Senior Program Managers, review the overall humanitarian budget expenditures and burn rates and support the program implementation teams in initiating actions to ensure appropriate expenditures and/or request timely modification to budgets and projects plans.
  • Develop a project progress tracking tools in line with CARE’s and donors contractual requirements in coordination with Grants & Partnership Team to ensure that CARE Nigeria is meeting its contractual obligations and programs targets.
  • In collaboration with other programs and finance units, ensure quality projects reports are produced, reviewed and submitted on timely manner to donor as per reporting schedules.
  • In coordination with the Director Program and the Program Teams, play a lead role in developing rolling out and reviewing projects implementation plans, ERS, EPP and other strategic planning documents.


  • Under the leadership and guidance the Director Program, recruit and supervise qualified Humanitarian Sectoral Specialists as defined in the country strategy.
  • Lead the Sectoral Specialists in ensuring that all the CO program designs are meeting the standards set by the CO, CARE International and respective donors.
  • Review existing checklists and guidelines (on cash transfers, gender/ accountability/ protection/ conflict sensitivity etc.) and adjust/modify them based on field feedback.
  • Develop and disseminate new appropriate sectoral guidelines and strategies as required to guide program interventions in the CO.
  • Undertake review of programs with Sr. Manager-Implementation to make sure it meets the set quality and accountability standards.
  • Guide the Sectoral Specialists and the program teams to include effective measures during program design and implementation to ensure gender transformative impact on our programs.

Perform other duties as assigned.

  • Perform responsibility that will advance the interest of CARE in Nigeria and beyond.


  • A university degree in social sciences, international development, environmental science or any other related discipline.
  • Experience leading humanitarian programming in a multicultural environment.
  • Committed to and familiar with safeguarding approaches including anti-sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse.
  • Excellent advocacy and networking skills with experience of high-level organisational representation.
  • Dynamic, participatory leadership style; able to build and inspire high-performing multi-cultural teams.
  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Experience in fundraising and resource mobilisation.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

How to apply

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