Invitation to Tender for Supply At Chabash development and Health Initiative (CDHI)

Chabash development and Health Initiative (CDHI) is a non-governmental organization dully registered with Nigerian government through Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC/IT NO: 85190). Existing since March 2016, CDHI focuses on improving the quality of life of vulnerable population across communities in North East Nigeria. CDHI operates both in emergency and developmental context and have its programme principally rooted in identifying gaps that affects population or increases vulnerability of population and bridging those gaps through resource base planning and implementation. CDHI is operational in the BAY states in NE Nigeria implementing Nutrition, Health, GBV, WASH and livelihood activities in various LGAs, including Michika, Madagali, MMC, Jere, Konduga LGAs etc.

CDHI wishes to obtain Profiles from established companies and organizations willing to conduct business with us in respect of supplying a variety of goods and services. Companies and organizations are requested to submit relevant documents clearly indicating the types of goods and services they wish to be registered to render. Companies that have already submitted and have done business with CDHI, need also to resubmit for the purpose of business continuity.


  • Motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • Information Technology equipment
  • Office furniture, fittings, and equipment
  • Office stationery and general supplies
  • Communications equipment
  • Consumables
  • Security and Safety Equipment’s


  • Audit & Assurance Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Car rental services
  • Design, Printing, and publication services
  • Catering Services

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive. Rather, it represents those goods and services which we are likely to require.

Mandatory Documents

The documents outlined below are mandatory to be eligible to participate:

  • Certificate of incorporation/Registration
  • Valid Tax/VAT Certificate etc.
  • Company profile (including list of key personnel, qualification, and experience, locations (main office, branches and/or outlets)

CDHI shall have the right to:

  1. Ask for clarifications from the potential supplier(s) on any matter for which CDHI requires clarification, and
  2. Reject company profiles which do not adhere to the above

Method of Application

Please enter this link into the internet to access the online application form:

Click Here to apply online

Deadline for Application: 14th January 2022