Apply Now: $800,000 for IPv6 Deployment in the Asia Pacific Region

ISIF Asia Internet Grants

IPv6 address space is a public resource that must be managed in a prudent manner for the long-term interests of Internet access. Responsible address space management involves balancing a set of sometimes competing goals, including:

  • Every allocation of address space must guarantee uniqueness worldwide.
  • Internet address space must be registered in an accessible registry database
  • Address space should be distributed in a hierarchical manner, according to network infrastructure topology.
  • IPv6 address policies should seek to avoid fragmentation of address ranges.
  • IPv6 address policies should avoid unnecessarily wasteful practices.
  • All policies and practices should apply fairly and equitably to all members of the Internet community.

However, not all organizations holding an IPv6 block have the resources to fully follow these guidelines, especially when focusing on unserved or underserved communities, in rural or remote areas of the Asia Pacific region.

IPv6 Deployment in the Asia Pacific Region

ISIF Asia IPv6 Deployment Grants aims to increase Internet speed, reduce maintenance and operational costs, improve reliability and/or security from a technical and operational perspective, and ultimately support the Internet industry in the Asia Pacific region.

The IPv6 Deployment Grants are targeted to support concrete IPv6 deployment plans from network operators holding an IPv6 block in the Asia Pacific region at different stages of development.

Grants from $30,000 to $250,000​ are available to all industry types and stakeholder groups. ISIF Asia will prioritize proposals that maximize community benefit over twelve to eighteen months.

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Funding is limited to $800,000