Unity Developer at eHealth4everyone.


Why work for eHealth4everyone? You will get the opportunity to work with a group of health IT enthusiasts passionate about bringing positive change to the healthcare industry. You will do exciting work in a friendly and conducive environment, and save lives in the process, while interacting with some of the best minds in your area of interest. You also get mentorship and guidance as you develop your career.
Applicants who graduated in 2018 or after and candidates based in Abuja are preferred and are strongly encouraged to apply.  

We are looking for an experienced Unity Developer who will be responsible for planning and implementing game functionality, building the game code, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring the quality of the finished product. The Unity Developer may also be required to build patches and install game updates.

S/he will:

-Build 3d content for virtual reality using Unity and C#
Import data from databases or APIs and apply to 3d visualizations.

-Own and complete core client side technical features
Proficiently execute Unity-related items such as animations, UI effects, and audio.

-Work with artists and other team members to determine optimal formats, scales, pipeline improvements, and other elements for asset export to Unity.

-Work with engineers and other team members to architect and scope feature details.

-Debug problems, make builds, and help ship great, successful products!

Qualification & Experience:

-A degree in computer science, information science, mathematics or any closely related field is required.

1+ year of experience developing VR applications for Oculus / HTC.

-Experience creating applications from story boarding through completion

-Experience creating and modifying 3D assets making them VR ready.

-experience in optimizing memory and space usage

-Must have good design and layout skills

-Experience onboarding new users

-Experience creating 360 VR Walkthroughs and custom VR applications.

-Additional experience creating augmented reality applications for iOS & Android will be a plus.


-Strong knowledge of algorithms, data structures and computer science

-C# coding expertise

-Excellent understanding of 3D graphics pipeline

-Expert at importing and manipulating art assets in Unity Game engine

-Knowledge of 3d math and integrated game physics

-Strong understanding of SVN or related version control software.

-Proficient knowledge of code versioning tools {such as Git, SVN, and Mercurial}

-Ability to translate any design into a working product with minimal supervision

-Experience with UI programming, Graphics, Physics
Good troubleshooting skills and attention to detail