$1.3 Million India WomenConnect Challenge

The India WomenConnect Challenge from USAID and Reliance Foundation is call for new approaches that close the gender digital divide, expand business opportunities, and empower women in India.

Reliance Foundation will fund up to 10 projects with $130,000 as decided by the judging panel. Proposals must include three out of the following five proven strategies to close the gender digital divide and increase women’s economic empowerment:

  • Break Social and Cultural Perceptions: Change behavior and perspectives of those in power, such as men, community and religious leaders, and elders.
  • Develop Tech or Online Job Opportunities: Train women on using technology so women can access increased economic opportunities, from serving as community technology leaders to entrepreneurs.
  • Build Confidence: Targeted programs to help women address gender stereotypes in their communities, learn to use technology, and feel empowered.
  • Grow Community Advocates: Support women to communicate with local leaders and champion issues disproportionately affecting women such as gender-based violence and access to finance or government programs.
  • Design Creative Women-Centric Technology: Technology options tailored to women in developing countries, many of whom are illiterate or have low literacy levels.

Apply Now: Deadline is November 6, 2020