Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer – Interswitch Group, Lagos, Nigeria

Job Purpose

To design, document and implement tests to expose bugs, and work with teams to checkmate the recurrence of errors in order to meet high quality standards. 

Key Responsibilities

  Manage the QA process in the Engineering cluster and any other assigned tasks, using best practices and guidelines. 

• Work as part of a passionate continuous delivery team to ensure quality is driven into the heart of the development process from requirements definition through to delivery.

 • Employ Continuous Testing techniques to prevent quality issues during the development phase and ensure post-deployment satisfaction of internal and external customers. This can be achieved by ensuring compliance to agreed Engineering and Testing principles. 

• Design the automation test strategy, implement and maintain tests. • Establish and implement performance tests to report on system capability and limits. 

• Ensure security best practices for developed applications. 

• Find, investigate, track, reproduce and document bugs. 

• Co-ordinate software releases to ensure seamless deployments every time. 

• Collate team performance data and report periodically on testing efforts, test challenges and deployment activities to the Test Manager. 

• Work closely with the Test Manager to ensure improvements to QA activities and processes. • Work with stakeholders to continuously think about product performance engineering and seek to reduce production incidences and customer dissatisfaction

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