Consultancy – data management and analysis for Vulnerability Assessment of Trafficking in Edo State.

Company Overview:

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Project Overview and Role:

Stamping out Trafficking in Nigeria (SoTiN) is a 4-year DFID Nigeria programme which aims to change or reduce the behaviours, attitudes, and social norms in Edo State that drive or enable human trafficking.
The project seeks to achieve the impact that more effective Government and non-Government institutions reduce the drivers and enablers of unsafe migration and trafficking through three components:

  • Strengthened Edo State Government response to preventing unsafe migration and human trafficking: more effective and innovative use of resources – human, financial, physical, political and network assets– supports a ‘whole of government’ approach to preventing unsafe migration and human trafficking through social and attitudinal change.
  • Improved coordination, innovation and quality of NGO response to preventing unsafe migration and human trafficking: better coordinated and more effective civil society tackling the drivers and enablers of human trafficking.
  • A stronger evidence base for action in anti-slavery prevention, with learning platforms operating and informing policy and interventions: the use of evidence and sharing of best practices becomes embedded in ways of working, to deliver improved performance not only in Nigeria, but globally.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities: 

As part of SoTiN’s mandate to facilitate a stronger evidence base for action in anti-trafficking prevention that encourages the continuous use of quality data to inform government policies and implementation priorities. In the absence of reliable state and LGA specific data and information it has been a challenge to develop appropriate measures to address the needs of person at risk of Trafficking in the state.  Hence, a comprehensive study on vulnerable groups is necessary. The programme is particularly interested in capturing the following.

1. Definition of vulnerable groups in the Edo state context.
2.Numbers, types of vulnerability and geographical location. 
3. To assess the existing polices, institutions (including Non-Governmental Organizations) and their interventions pertaining to specific vulnerable groups.
4.To understand the current situation based on which specific policies/interventions to address the needs of vulnerable groups could be developed.
5.Recommendations/way forward to address the special needs of vulnerable groups as well as    identifying information gaps to be considered in a further assessment.

The Data management team will prepare and submit a consolidated and detailed protocol and methodology report covering the above-mentioned focus areas and submit it to the SoTiN.

The main objective of the consultancy is to develop study protocol (comprising of survey methodology, data collection tools, data management and analysis plan) and conduct analysis of data collected by the field implementation consultants. 

Methodology /Tasks for consultant
To achieve the consultancy objective, the consultants will:

1. Review relevant SoTiN documents (Strategy documents, ToC and logframe) to develop an understanding of the SoTiN project.
2. Conduct desk review of past and current vulnerability assessement caried out to guide the methodology development
3. Design and develop survey methodology (mixed approach) including sample selection criteria
4. Develop data collection tools including questionnaires and data quality assessement checklist 
5. Design data management and analysis plan 
6. Conduct analysis of qualitative and quantitative data
7. Conduct Data Quality Assurance during the field implementation 
8. Support field implementation consultants in developing and finalizing the survey report 
9. Develop process report documenting the support provided, lessons learned and any recommendations for SoTiN 

Inception report 
Survey protocol
Survey data collection tools and DQA checklist
Analyzed data tables
Top line findings/PowerPoint presentation

Milestones and Timeline

* Task 1: Inception report 25% 
* Task 2-4: Survey methodology/protocol, Survey data collection tools and DQA checklist, Analyzed data tables 50%
* Task 5: Top line findings/PowerPoint presentation 25%

This work is to be carried out over a 1-month period. 5th October -5Th November 2020

 Required Qualifications:

1. A company with proven track record of conducting baseline assessement, data management and data analysis.
2. Excellent writing, conceptual and analytical skills including the ability to present complex processes and issues clearly to a heterogeneous audience and in an actionable manner. 
3. Direct relevant work experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis 
4. Direct relevant work experience in developing study and data quality assurance protocols 
5. Experience in analyzing and presenting data effectively for a wide range of audiences, with attention to detail and user profile.
6. Principal officers with extensive experience in Behavioral sciences, demography, statistics, management, information technology, monitoring and evaluation or related field.
7. Ability to work well under pressure to meet tight deadlines 

* We are committed to safeguarding the rights and welfare of children, young people and ‘at risks adults’ and expect all staff and consultants to uphold this commitment.
* We have a zero-tolerance policy for violence, abuse, discrimination, exploitation, bullying or harassment and the selected candidate will be expected to adhere to these standards.
* Selected applicants will be subject to child protection/safeguarding Policy, reference and background checks.
* Women are strongly encouraged to apply

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